Food pictures for your Mardi Gras!

Hem, so Lent starts tomorrow – which means that if I want to get a wrap up of the delicious food I made over Christmas it’s sort of now or never. So, how about now?!

Everything was delicious, some of it was healthy and there are link to as many of the recipes that I can find on the internet! Enjoy!

Pepperkakor! Super duper spick thin crispy Swedish gingerbread cookies from Fika by Anna Brones and Johanna Kindvall. Both authors are artists in their own right and you should probably follow them on instagram. (And buy the book and make Semlor for Mardi Gras next year… it’s not something that will happen this year, but it did last year and it was the best.)

IMG_3326 (2).JPG

Christmas breakfast! We go to mass on Christmas eve, usually midnight, but this year we did 7pm… And so breakfast on Christmas morning is a lazy baked french toast affair. No real recipe, just white bread, berries and cream cheese drowned in eggs and milk before baking, drowned in Maple Syrup after baking.


Christmas dinner! We made tourtière for Christmas eve, but somehow I didn’t get a pictures… We made a mixed seafood chowder (kind of a mashup between a Laura Calder recipe and an Aimée Wimbush-Bourque recipe – huzzah for Canadian ladies writing cookbooks!) with this brilliant crudité idea from Simple Bites. Oh and Sterrenbroodjes from the store, because they were cute.

IMG_3441 (2).JPG

Christmas dessert! Bûche aux biscuits – the recipe is from a kid’s Christmas book, but basically you smash up a package of cookies and mix it with a bunch of butter and sugar and cup of coffee, shape it into a log and refrigerate overnight. Then you cover it in melted chocolate and serve it with the tartest tangiest berries you can get your hands on because it is *sweet*. Sirocco did all the smashing and mixing. I did the decoration. The leaves are coloured almond paste – but we only remembered to make them on the second day of Christmas…

Somewhere in there… Tortilla flower. A house favourite that got our darling children hooked on recipe videos. There are worse things on Youtube for them to find… It’s also super easy and delicious.

IMG_3482 (2)

New Year’s eve! I stayed up until midnight making Stout Cranberry Mascarpone Chocolate TrufflesJust let that sink in for a sec. From The Beeroness, which is always delicious (and often a bit of work, but so worth it!) And Kyle took pictures of me, but not of the finished truffles… So there you go. (My awesome, nerdy, Tolkien quote sweater is from Tea With Tolkien – purveyor of delightful nerdy, Tolkien things.)

Epiphany! Apple-marzipan galette. Phyllo dough, a bit of marzipan, sliced apples, one big whole almond. Laziest galette des rois ever. Still tasty!IMG_20180106_184335409

I also received a cookbook for Christmas. (The Simple Bites Kitchen – Suspense is not worth it, good cookbooks need to be shared!) So there are actual nice pictures of recipes from there, but that can be for another day! Enjoy the feasting and have a Holy Lent everyone!



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