Lent so far…

IMG_20180214_105953_059In spite of appearances, I did not in fact give up blogging for Lent… But the past several weeks have been marked with more than their fair share of both curses and blessings – a sort of “May you live in interesting times” kind of deal. So, after a delightful Mardi Gras complete with masks and crêpes…

Lent opened up with a bang – everyone (including Grandparents who’d flown half way across the globe to visit us – yay!) got sick with a relatively awful stomach bug – boo. We still all managed to have a good time taking a weekend trip to Antwerp and going to the Zoo – yay! (but not getting to any of the lace/fabric shopping I was wanting to do – boo.)


The next week was school vacation – yay! But we were still all recovering from being sick – boo. The weather was a bit unexpected… A polar vortex in early March? Um, ok… We did make the most of it though and got some really delightful sunny outdoor skating done and drank a lot of hot chocolate. I really hope we get to live somewhere with real winters next time we move though. We were really not equipped for -10C temperatures. As a result, I’m honestly surprised the kids managed to skate at all – never mind stand up again when they fell, they were bundled up with so many layers!


This Tuesday I finally got to have my regularly scheduled alone while the kids are in care only to have crippling waves of nausea that had me sitting on the couch for a few hours trying to decide whether I needed to call in reinforcements to pick up said children – which it turns out is not conducive to sitting down to type up even somewhat coherent thoughts. (I ended up being fine. The nausea subsided just in time to get a picnic packed and go get the small ones and take them to the park – because of course the weather has moved on and it’s now +10C in the afternoon!)

So here we are, blogging on a Thursday, but otherwise getting back into a semblance of routine. As much as I love winter and ice and snow (of which we got only a dusting) I am ready for spring and its boots+jacket ease for getting everyone out the door… And I just remembered it’s the big one’s half birthday so we’re going to have to make some cupcakes happen! Life just doesn’t stop, which I suppose is for the best.



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