This ain’t it.

There’s a hole in my heart,
And I’m falling apart,
But I live in chaotic bliss.

The songs are parodies,
Of Christmas melodies,
A toddler taking the piss.

While outside and in a tempest raged,
There’s a play in the front room, being staged,
In which fairies with cut out cardboard wings,
Share the spotlight with long-ago Narnian Kings.

The wind blows right through us on top the hill,
I’m writing no sonnets here, sorry Bill.
And while words still come out of me
And sun still feels warm to me…

I try to remember what I know.
This too shall pass. You know, in a bit
But in the meanwhile darling. this ain’t it.

I wrote a stupid poem for y’all.
But seriously, Petit Papa Noël x Super Mario Bros Wii makes for weird songs.


P.S. Petit Papa Mario/ Quand tu descendra du ciel/ N’oublie pas des Koopas par milliers/ Mais avant de partir/ Il faudra ma petite fleur de feu! – Chinook, age 3

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