Made Stuff Monday (or, you know, Tuesday) 3 – Flannel doily skirt

I am back from the depths of bronchitis~ Huzzah!

I actually managed to get a few things done, but no good photos. (oops) Shortened a couple pairs of pants into shorts for Sirocco (come on SPRING!!) and finally fixed a dress of mine that had torn last summer and gotten shoved away in the packing frenzy.

This project was completed a few weeks ago and I have pictures – so we’ll talk about that instead.


I was inspired by Nell of Whole Parenting Family’s wonderful line of flannel and lace skirts and since I had a few pairs of  Kyle’s old torn pyjama pants I figured I would give the idea a try. I looked around my stash and didn’t find any bits of lace long enough to trim the skirt, which put me off the idea briefly, but then I found a pile of old doilies and had a vague recollection of a dress with a doily appliqué on it… (Probably from Carefree Clothes for Girls?)

So here you go: elastic waistband, nice deep hem allowance for a bit of flare, carefully matching the plaid at the side seams and hand sewing the carefully cut out centre of a large doily. It’s pretty cute, if I do say so myself!

Mistral loves it – I’m told it’s her Sun Skirt, and it does twirl quite satisfyingly. A nice, easy to wear skirt for a young adventurer.


Have a blessed Holy Week! 


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