Made Stuff Monday 2 – Pace of Nature Embroidery

Remember how last weekend I got all productive since the big kid was sick? Yeah…. The little one was sick this week and it was a different story. She basically morphed into a 12 kilo newborn, refusing to sleep except on me and only drinking liquids. Needless to say she got wrapped a bunch and I sat on the sofa with her a lot. (And of course now I’m sick, surprise!)


These unfortunate circumstances haven’t quite killed the maker spirit though. It turns out embroidery really is the best hobby for a mom of little kids, because it’s basically the only thing that got done this week besides feeding people.


I’ve been working on this piece (pattern by ThreadFolkΒ ) on and off for a few months now. It really didn’t take all that many hours of stitching honestly (I think? I have no idea… I didn’t count. Maybe next time). And has a really gorgeous colour palette.


I had a lot of fun working it, and it gave me ample opportunity to practice my backstitch, french knots and satin stitch (all of which have honestly improved over the course of this project – definite win!).

I will say though, that before starting another project I will source some better fabric. I really mostly wanted to do this one as a learning project, and decided that the ivory poly-cotton blend I had lying around in my sewing room would be fine, but I think it made my life more difficult in the sewing and doesn’t really enhance the overall look of the stitching now that it’s done. After doing some reading (on Needle n Thread, the most wonderful online source of information on all things embroidery!) I’ve found that some of the thread fuzziness I’ve been experiencing is probably due to the use of a too-tight woven polyester. Natural fibers are just friendlier to each other. Lesson learned!


Anyway, that’s it for now, back to resting for me! Are you crafting anything fun these days?


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