Hinterland holiday dress

No, not the Christmas holidays… the Fall holiday. I am playing blog catch up. I think my 2019 blogging goal is going to be writing up all my 2018 makes!


Anyhow, in another serendipitous sewing contest occurence, the Hinterland Sew Off arrived just about the same time as the fabric I had ordered to make one! Kyle got me the pattern as a birthday gift at the end of summer and my lovely in-laws had sent me the means for a fabric shopping spree, specifing that it should be for selfish sewing. And yes, I am very thankful have married into such a thoughtful family!


Now, the only missing piece was to sort out the fit. As some of you may have noticed, motherhood changes people in a number of ways. Since entering this phase of life, I like to refer to myself as a shape-shifter. Mostly because it sounds cool. But also because TRUTH. And loving your body. And just being where you’re at. Because women are pretty cool and shapeshifting magic is second only to  baby building magic.


All this rambling to say that I made my first muslin for this pattern! And also my second muslin…. and some tissue fitting… And it took a good week to sort out the bodice. And it looked darn good when it was done, but I will probably have to go through the whole process again for my next version, because shape shifting. It still looks lovely, just a touch more oversized, which actually works well with the fabric.

It was overall a great pattern to sew, I was a bit intimidated by the buttons, but I hate zippers and nursing access is key at this point in the shape shifting lifestyle, so buttons were not optional for me. I slightly melted the interfacing in the placket and the overlap is a few millimetres off, but overall it went well…. until I tried to make the button holes. I (sensibly) tested things out on some scraps before attacking (note the choice of word) the actual bodice. Several minutes of continuous testing and a fair bit of cursing led to the conclusion that in spite of diagrams claimimg so, my machine does not, in fact, make button holes.


No matter, a youtbe tutorial and a chatty call to my Mom while hand sewing button holes solved that problem. Honestly, it was kind of fun.


The skirt and pockets came together without a hitch, though next time I think I will use french seams (amusingly called “coutures anglaises” –  english seams, in French) as the zigzag looks a bit messy, especially with the double gauze. And the pockets are a good size and well positioned.


I really love the look of this dress – easy but put together. It works equally well with tights and is pretty much appropriate for anything I do in my life these days. I mean, I’ve worn it to church and hiking… on the same day. It was a good day and it’s a good dress.




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