Made Stuff Monday 5 – First Communion necklace

A testament to the spring and summer we had, this was a mostly completed draft that I never ended up publishing… So, enjoy a totally out of season First Communion post!

Well it is truly Spring now and the weather is delightful! We’ve been having regular after school lunch picnics in this lovely natural playground between school and home.Β IMG_20180419_134826126

Trees, a small creek, happy kids (not shown are a stepping stone bridge, a wooden bridge a tunnel and a zipline!) They could probably just play and explore here all day… Which means, I have time to stitch! I got some really delightful Dandelyne mini-hoops for Christmas and have been hoarding them. Do you ever get that way with really wonderful supplies? They are just too lovely to use! Anyway, a sweet family from our church invited us to their daughter’s First Communion party and I figured it was an appropriately lovely occasion to pull out one of the mini hoops.


So here we are, stitching in the wild! When I say tiny, I mean it. I based the design on this beautiful Prayer Book cover by Mary Corbett, obviously reducing the amount of detail enormously.


Complete! Still wet from removing the marker. Can I mention how lovely water soluble pens are? Total game changer when I found out about those… Especially as my sketching tends to be messy at best and then used as a general guideline for stitching, rather than a carefully followed pattern.


And here it is! In all it’s completed necklace-ified glory! I added a single pearl, referencing the Pearl of Great Price (pictured here, in French!). I was horribly nervous about how it would be received, but the girl loved it, and so did everyone she showed it off to. I usually just make things for my immediate family, so it was really a lovely feeling to contribute something to someone else’s special day. And of course, the lovely thing about a handmade, slow stitched gift is that it provides an opportunity to pray for the person you are gifting it to. Here’s to a lovely continuation of her faith journey for our little friend!


Do you make things for others? What do you think about when you’re stitching?Β 

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