And then Spring went straight on into Autumn…

Well here we are, it’s the end of November, my big boy is 4, my little girl is 2, and there’s another one on the way! We’ve moved half way across the world and are starting to settle in, but still don’t have the boxes we shipped over 3 months ago. I’ve concluded from these last few months that strict or even lax Minimalism is NOT for us. I’ve signed up kids for school and daycare – things that even a year ago I had not even considered actual possibilities for our family. (Someone used the term Recovering SanctiMommy in a Facebook group the other day and I’m adopting it!) As I look outside, I see that the patchy blue sky has clouded over and opened up with a downpour in the 10 minutes between getting home and writing these lines. This means that I’ll have to wake up  Mistral, stick her in some raingear and on a bike to go get her brother from school and pedal back home as fast as possible to try and keep from being totally soaked. So much for my brilliant plan of going to the park since it’s actually quite warm out today.

To say we’re having an adjustment period would be an understatement. I am happy though. There’s a big ol’ pool of peaceful water beneath the very choppy surface. And I’m here blogging again, so the storm must be passing…

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